Old Burial Ground

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Old Burial Ground
Loyalist Still in the Flesh
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OLD BURIAL GROUND To the Editor of the Star: Sir,—It was with much interest I read the minutes of the meeting of "Loyalist Bones,” and noted the well-founded objections raised by that body (or parts of former bodies) to the erection of a band stand, on what should be to the citizens of St. John a sacred spot. In order that the fears of the departed may be set at rest, it would be well to state that neither aldermen nor any other thoughtless or disloyal persons will ever be allowed to cause the erection of any structure (except tombtones and of course they will never dream of that) In the Old Burying Ground. If the secretary of the bones committee will refer to the city papers of the time the disgraceful attempt was made to place the Young monument in the Old Burying Ground, he will see that the ordinary citizens loyal to the core, gave the authorities undoubted evidence that nothing would be allowed to be erected in that sacred spot. If the aldermen would use their influence to have expended on it the price of a band stand on the straightening, mending and protecting of the stones, now marking the resting places of men whose names are honored, it would be far more to their credit and would probably convince the citizens that our city is not going entirely "to the dogs" Yours, LOYALIST STILL IN THE FLESH.