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LOYALIST SOCIETY The regular quarterly meeting of Loyalist Society was held last evening at the rooms of the Historical Society. The anniversary service at Trinity on Sunday evening next was arranged for, the chaplain, Rev W. O. Raymond, to preach. Messrs. H Leonard Peters and Rev. Leopold A Hoyt were proposed for membership. The salute will be fired as usual on Monday, the 19th instant. The observance of the coronation was dismissed until a meeting of the standing committee was called for Tuesday next, to take up the matter. The officers are as follows Dr. Wm. Bayard, president; Dr. W. P Dole, Dr. A. A. Stockton, Dr. W. S. Harding, vice presidents; chaplain, Rev W. O. Raymond; historian, D. R. Jack; treasurer, J. H. Northrup; rev secretary, H. J. Anderson; cor. Secretary, D. H. Waterbury; marshals, Lt. Col. Cunard and Lt. Col. Underhill; standing committee, D. J. Seely, Gen. Drake, C. A. MacDonald, J. S. Flaglor, W. E. Vroom, C. E. L. Harvis, Miss E. Anderson, Miss M. Peters, R. W. W. Frink.