Loyalist Day

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Loyalist Day
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LOYALIST DAY. Flags are flying today in honor of the founders of St. John. This is Loyalist Day, and at no time in all the years since the Loyalists landed here have the people been more proud of their connections with the empire, or more loyal to its institutions. The people of the United States do not enjoy any more of freedom than do we in this northern portion of the continent, under the flag for which the Loyalists fought, and for which they sacrificed so much. As a matter of fact the government of Canada is more directly responsible to the people than are President McKinley and his advisers. In nothing would Canadians improve their condition by changing their allegiance, and while the people regard their neighbors south of the line with kindliest sentiments, the warmest feelings of their hearts go out to those who, in Britain and her worldwide colonies stand for the same principles as did the founders of St. John.