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N. B. Loyalist Society
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N. B. Loyalist Society Annual Meeting — The Election of Officers. The N. B. Loyalist Society held its annual meeting last evening in the rooms of the New Brunswick Historical Society. Market building, the president, Dr. William Bayard, in the chair. Committees were appointed to arrange for the usual salute to be fired on Loyalist day, May 18th, a Loyalist service at Trinity Church Sunday, May 19th and for the approval and placing of the memorial tablet in Trinity church in memory of the late Joseph W. Lawrence. The following officers were elected for the following year: Dr. William Bayard, President; Dr. A. A. Stockton, Dr. W. S. Harding, Dr. W. P. Dole, vice-presidents; Rev. W. O. Raymond, chaplain; I. H. Northrup, treasurer; H. J. Anderson, recording secretary; Lt. Col. Cunard, Lt. Col. Underhill, marshals; D. J. Seely, J. Drake, J. S. Flaglor, James Anderson, C. A. Macdonald, Miss E. Peters, Miss M. Peters, Miss E. Anderson, Miss A. Lester, standing committee.