Rambling Reflections

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Rambling Reflections
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Rambling Reflections Tomorrow will be the seventh Sunday after Pentecost. Last Tuesday was our Canadian natal Day. We have been thirty five years in Confederation. In 1865 this Province on an appeal to the people on the question of Union, under the terms of the Quebec Scheme, decided quite emphatically to have nothing to do with the upper provinces, which for years had been in great turmoil. In less than two years the Smith-Anglin government went to pieces and this province on the second appeal with an amendment scheme of Union, offering New Brunswick better terms, accepted the same. Nova Scotia was forced into confederation without an appeal to the people. The quartette of provinces united in 1867 under the British North America Act were Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Political parties in the lower provinces for years after confederation were known as confederates and anti-confederates. After thirty-five years of union probably all the calamities that the anti-confederates apprehended have not fallen on us down by the sea. Undoubtedly some of the many great things promised by the confederates have yet to come.