A Letter from the Hon. Judge Landry

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A Letter from the Hon. Judge Landry
P. A. Landry
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A Letter from the Hon Judge Landry TO THE EDITOR OF THE FREEMAN. If your offensive references to our Acadian Priesthood, and your provoking and unmerited accusation of demagogy against us Acadian laymen who have humbly struggled against an injustice to our compatriots, go unanswered for the present, we wish it understood that it is not because no answer is at hand. Our profound respect for the authority whose tribunal the matters in question have now reached, imposes silence on us. When the time will have become ripe for journalistic publication of the part we have taken and of our reasons therefor, such reasons will be forthcoming; and we believe an unprejudiced public will admit the apropos of our supplications and the cogency of the reasons. In the meantime be assured that the irritating abuse you heap upon us will not very materially help us to forget the humiliating ostracism of which we have been the helpless but innocent victims where fraternity and equality should reign; nor will the organ through whose columns such abuse is indulged in, make it less apparent on whose recommendation the treatment we complain of has been meted out to us. Yours truly, P. A. Landry. Dorchester, 31st, Dec. 1901.