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The coronation on celebration in St. John will mount to nothing but in huge fizzle. Cause: too much red tape. It was thought that St. John would on this occasion have a demonstration in keeping with its reputation as the City of the Loyalists such, however will not be the case. At the present writing it looks as if there will be nothing but the irrepressible military parade, church services, the memorial corner stone laying , a yacht race and fireworks. The firemen and Salvage corps are disgusted at the treatment this city showed them. Some of them have arranged to visit other places and assist fittingly to coronation festivities where their appearance will be appreciated and add dignity to the occasion. The Polymorhians, who are an energetic body of citizens, have been turned down. They did not ask or appeal for any monetary aid from the council. They simply wanted a place in the pageant- their wish could not be gratified and at present writing it looks as if the people will not have the pleasure of witnessing anything but the marening of men with militia uniforms adorning their person. The fraternal societies will not take any part, so it is said in the coronation festivities. The matter could not be arranged satisfactorily. The loyalty cry has been heard about the proposed coronation celebration. Ald. Seaton at one of the meetings said the fireman should have taken part in this celebration. Every fire company had a supply of decorative materials from previous occasions and the apparatus could be decorated at very little cost. If they had shown any loyalty they would not have stipulated a grant but he thought none of the societies were showing as much loyalty and enthusiasm as they should. There seemed too much contention and bitterness to make the celebration a success. Members of the fire department and Salvage Corps have taken umbrage at Ald Seaton’s “loyalty cry”, claiming that they are just as loyal as their any of the aldermanic board. Alderman Seaton has indeed raised a pretty tempest in a teapot. At the same meeting Doctor Gilchrist suggested that an effort he made to get the South End Polymorphians to put on the Jameson raiders but Mr. Wallace said they would not turn out without a grant. This caused Ald. Seaton to remark that they were all after the money. Chief. Kerr started to inform the meeting that there is as much loyalty in the ranks of the fireman as there is in Ald. Seaton but his words reminded him to avoid personalities and the meeting adjourned to meet again at the call of the chair. When it comes to planning anything on a large scare, the same result is always attained. Everything is left undone until the last moment. Nothing accomplished. Accusations are used, epithets applied etc. Every man wants to have the leasing place but as good sensible rulers, the aldermen should know that they or their military cannot occupy the centre of the state all the time, to the exclusion of all others. The people in general expected to see something belittling the occasion of a coronation celebration but judging from the outlook, it looks as if the whole matter instead of being a grand coronation fete, will be a gigantic coronation fizzle.