A Poisonous Sheet

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A Poisonous Sheet
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A POISONOUS SHEET In its issue of Nov 28, the Richibucto Review, which is said to be the personal organ of C.J, Milligan, manager of the Telegraph of this city and province organizer of the Liberal party, publishes a blasphemous attack on the faith of Catholics in which their belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Eucharist was held up to public ridicule. The FREEMAN does not exchange with the Review, so that we are not in a position, even if we would, to quote the Review’s words. The Moniteur Acadian, however, did last week give an article in full, and editorially condemned its insensate bigotry and misrepresentation of Catholic truth. The Moniteur’s criticism has not been without fruit. The Review now makes excuse for the appearance of the article in its columns and attributes publication of the article to an oversight on the part of the editor. The Moniteur quotes the opinion of one of its most esteemed correspondents as to the attitude of the Richibucto Review towards Catholics generally. The article published in the Review against Catholics says this correspondent “has not surprised us exceedingly. We are already acquainted with the anti-Catholic spirit which reigns in the office of that sheet; almost all the personnel of the paper is infected with it. I could tell you of shameful scenes in which these fellows have taken great pleasure in turning into ridicule the sacred observances of our religion. The Catholics of Richibucto could furnish you with the most piquant details on this subject.” With one voice – the Moniteur further assures us – the priests of Kent country have called on their bearers to cease patronizing a newspaper which is willing to make such a barbarous attack on their most cherished religious beliefs. The Rev. L. Belliveau of Grand Digue, in a vigorous attack denounces the Review and advised his people not to allow such a poisonous sheet to their homes.