Missionaries in Acadia: The Pioneers who Laboured in the Maritime Provinces

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Missionaries in Acadia: The Pioneers who Laboured in the Maritime Provinces
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MISSIONARIES IN ACADIA. THE PIONEERS WHO LABORED IN THE MARITIME PROVINCES Since the Fall or Quebec – Names of the Workers in Catholicity’s Cause Since 1772 to 1888 – A Period Covering a Century's Growth. The following list of French missionaries — French of France, Canadian-French, and Acadian French—is historically of such value that we have no scruple in borrowing it from the last issue of the Moniteur Acadien, with our especial thanks to the Compiler “E. P. C. P’tre." The list begins with the year 1772 and ends with 1S88; It gives the names of the missionaries who labored in ancient Acadie—now the Maritime provinces 77 in all, of whom 59 were Canadian by birth, 6 Acadian, and 12 born in old France: Joseph Mathurin Bourg, Acadian 1772-1795, all Acadia. Joseph LeRoux, French, 1773-1788, all Acadia. Pere Ciquard, French, 17960-1798, Madawaska. LeRoux. French, 1784-1796, Memramcook and Malpec. Antoine Girouard. Acadian, 1785- 1788, Caraquet, etc. Jean Baptiste Allain, French, 1791- 1812. Magdalen Islands. François LeJamtel, French, 1796- 1819. Arichat, St. John Island, etc. Charles Genest, Canadian, 1804-1806, Richibucto. Michel Auguste Amiot, Canadian 1801-1806, Caraquet, etc. Louis Joseph Desjardins, French, 1895-1806, Caraquet, etc. J B Marie Castanet, French, 1794-1798, Caraquet, etc. Antoine Bedard, Canadian, 1698-1804, Richibucto. Urbain Orfroy Canadian, 1805-1810, Caraquet and Miramichi. Rene Pierre Joyer, French, 1808-1806, Caraquet. François Vezina, Canadian, 1802-1804, Memramcook. Jean Maudet Sigogne, French, 1800, St. Mary's Bay. Gabriel Champion, French. 1795-1808 Cape Breton. Jacques Ladislas Joseph De Colonne, French, 1799-1807, St. John Island. Amable Pichard. French,1800-1808, St. John Island and Tracadie. François Louis Parent, Canadian, 1806-1814, Richibucto. Charles François Painchaud, Canadian, 1806-1814, Eel River, etc. André Doucet, (Canadian, 1817-1825. Halifax and Tracadie. Jean Baptiste Kelly, Canadian, 1809- 1810, Madawaska. Antoine Gagnon, Canadian, 1809-1840, Richibucto, Barachois and Shediac. Louis Raby, Canadian, 1810-1813, Madawaska. Phillippe Auguste Parent, Canadian. 1813-1817, Caraquet. Louis Marcoux, Canadian, 1812-1818. Madawaska Louis Brodeur, Canadian, 1812-1818. Memramcook. Pierre Marie Mignault. Canadian, 1814-1817,Halifax Jean Marie Madran, Canadian, 1835-1857. Nepissiquit. Caraquet, Shediac and Richibucto. Antoine Manseau, Canadian, 1815-1817.Tracadie. Cheticamp and Sydney. Joseph Edouard Marisset Canadian, 1816-1821, Miramichi and St John, N.B. Joseph Etienne Cecile, Canadian 1818-1822 and St John Island and Rustico Isidore Poirer, Acadian, 1818-1821, Memramcook. Joseph Moll, Canadian, 1819-1822, Cheticamp. André Tenssaint Ligarde, Canadian, 1817-1821, Madawaska. Jean François Gagnon, Canadian. 1819-1821, Eel River, etc. François Norbert Blanchet, Canadian. I819-1822. Richibucto. First Bishop of Oregon. Louis Gingras, Canadian, 1821-1825, Memracook. Augustin Magloire Blanchet, Canadian, 1822-1826, Magdalen islands and Cheticamp. He succeeded his brother in the episcopal see of Oregon. Francois Louis Lefebvre de Bellefeuille, Canadian, 1823-1829, Caraquet etc. Francois Xavier Leduc, Canadian, 1822-1829, Nipissiguit Julien Courteau, Canadian. 1826-1869, Cheticamp and L'Ardoise. Amable Brais Canadian, 1&3M827, liguit. Pierre Beland, Canadian, 1824- 1827, Magdalen Islands. Elie Silvestre Sirois-Duplesis, Canadian, 1820-1831, Madawaska Celestian Gauvreau, Canadian, 1821-1829, Memramcook Pierre Bedard, Canadian, 1827-1830, Magdalen Islands Humbert Tatreau, Canadian, 1826-1830, Richibucto Pierre Roy, Canadian, 1828-1832, Arichat. Jean Naud, Canadian, 1828-1832, Nipissiguit Louis Theophile Fortier, Canadian, 1828-1831, Nipissiguit and Caraquet Jean Baptiste Marranda Canadian 182601829, vicar of Arichat. Joseph Jean (illegible0 Trudel, Candian, 1829-1832, L’Ardoise, and Cape Breton. Sylvain Ephrem Poirier, Acadian, 1828, Prince Edward Island. Georges Antoine Belcoeur, Canadian, (illegible) Ferdinand (illegible), Canadian, (illegible), Fredericton. Francois Xavier Brunet, Canadian, 1830-1833, Magdalen Islands. Ferdinand Gauvreau, Canadian, 1828- 1852, Memramcook and Tracadie. Joseph Marie Paquet, Canadian, 1830-1869, Richibucto and Caraquet. Antoine Gosselin, Canadian, 1838- 1875, Madawaska and Cocagne. François Magloire Turcot, Canadian, 1860-1861, Prince Edward Island. Hector Antoine Drolet, Canadian 1838-1849, Nipissiguit and Caraquet. Thomas Leandre Bassard, Canadian 1833-1836. Magdalen Islands François Xavier Romuald Mercier, Canadian, 1831-1855, Madawaska. Joseph Couture, Canadian, 1831-1836, Caraquet and Memramcook Louis Olivier Deligny. Canadian, 1838-1847, New Brunswick and Indian River, P.E.I Antoine Langevin, Canadian, 1835- 1859, Madawaska. Alexis Belanger, Canadian 1838, Magdalen Islands Julien Rioux, Canadian, 1839-1854, Buctouche [Bouctouche]. Henri Dionne, Canadian, 1840-1859, Madawaska. Elie Desaulniers, Canadian, 1840-1847, Memramcook, St Louis, Kent Co. Hercule Thomas Clement, Canadian, 1846-1850, Madawaska. Charles Nestor Boudreault, Acadian 1846-1888, Rustico, P. E. I. François Xavier Babineau, Acadian, 1851, Tracadie. Richibucto. Romuald Fournier, Canadian, 1864- 1870, Cheticamp and Arichat.