The Acadian Convention

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The Acadian Convention
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THE ACADIAN CONVENTION Opens at Arichat August-15 –Will Continue for Two or Three Days. The Richmond Record published at Arichat, C.B., says of the coming Acadian convention to be held at that place August 15: The French-Acadian convention to he held here on August 15th and to be continued for two or three days thereafter will be the best advertisement Arichat will have ever received, and all the residents should unite with our fellow Acadian citizens in making the visit of the hundreds of strangers who will come as pleasant as possible. It may be taken for granted that an immense concourse of people from all over Canada and different parts of the United States will come to attend the convention. The presence of Sir Wilfred Laurier will lend an interest to the occasion, and a dignity to the convention. Those who have never heard this great orator, nor seen his “sunny smile” or come under the influence of his ‘sunny ways’, will be pleased that the convention will be graced by his distinguished presence. The convention will be non-political, and if anyone assumes that because the great leader of the present government will speak of this occasion it must needs be a political gathering, such assumption would be false in every particular. Though the French-Canadians are of a different race from the English, Irish, or Scotch, yet they are ideal citizens of Canada, occupying prominent positions in church and state, and are proud to acknowledge themselves Canadians. They have done as much as any other race to build up Canada, many of them have died for the Empire on the field of honor and are today shoulder to shoulder with Britain’s soldiers in South Africa in fighting England’s battles in that far distant country. The first Convention was held at Memracook in 1880, having for its object the selection of a national holiday for the Acadian people. Assumption Day was adopted as the National holiday, and it falls on Aug. 15th. The first convention was attended by over 4,000 people, including some of the leading men of Canada and such noted French leaders as Hon. P. A. Landry and Sir Hector Langevin, were present and took part. The second convention was held at Egmont Bay, P. E. I., and was for the purpose of assisting the funds of St. Ann’s college. Over 18,000 Acadians are settled in the maritime provinces and these conventions are for the purpose of promoting their welfare, educationally and religiously. The present president is Senator Pascal Poirier, and Judge Landry and the Hon. A. D. Richard are the joint secretaries. The local committee of reception and entertainment are: President—Dr. A. A. LeBlanc. Vice-president—B. A. LeBlanc. Treasurer—L. B. Boudreau. Secretary—J. B. Boudreau. Actingwith these gentlemen are the presidents of all the other committees, clergymen, members of Parliament and the school teachers of the town.