French Rule.

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French Rule.
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French Rule. Since the 20th of June, a political section has become alarmed and shocked at the prospects of French Rule. Their organ—the Transcript gives the note of warning. There appears to have been cause for alarm during the past thirty years, when the French people carried nearly every election in the interests of this same suddenly awakened, terror-stricken party. The consolidation of the French votes has been all right during that long period that it elected SIR ALBERT SMITH, Ex-M. P., but it is now fraught with serious consequences to the people— it is a threat to the English, when it ventures to turn around and help to elect Mr. WOOD, M. P.! The French were in the legitimate exercise of the franchise and were doing their duties as citizens, when they turned out en masse and supported SIR A. J. SMITH, but now when they go to the polls and vote for Mr. WOOD, they are inspired by Quebec dictation, they are ruled by the priests, and they are enemies of the English! Such are the absurdities put forward by the sorehead party of Westmorland, in order to stir up the bad passions of race and religion; array neighbor against neighbor, and provoke animosities and hostilities amongst those who ought to be friends! Is it not a fact that Mr. WOOD obtained a large majority of English as well as French? Is it not a fact that the Government is supported by a large majority of English speaking constituencies?— so large in fact that if every French constituency went over to the Grits, the Government would still be sustained by the tremendous majorities elsewhere obtained.