Loyalists’ Centennial Souvenir - 1887 - p16-17

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Hon. C. N. Skinner
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stated " He was unexpectedly called upon to fill the place of JUDGE PALMER. If the Judge was to resign his position on the Bench there would not be any lack of persons to offer to take his place. We are now starting on the new century under the idea that it is New Brunswick speaks, and not the city only. Our forefathers left their old homes and their all because of their attachment to the Crown. If we have not made a footmark in the history of the world, it is because we have not been overrun with war and bloodshed. The resources of the country are day by day being brought to light. The resources of the great Northwest have been opened up, which will be a home to thousands; and we shall be able to leave a splendid heritage to our children, and one of which they may be proud."