Daily Evening News - 1883-08-17

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The Convention of the Acadiens
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The fete nationale des Acadiens, celebrated yesterday at Buctouche, was an interesting event, marked by features attractive to our fellow-subjects of French descent. It is likely to be followed next year by a more imposing demonstration in Prince Edward Island in which French descended people of all the Dominion Provinces will be represented. Some good purposes may possibly be served by these gatherings. But it is to be hoped they will not operate to delay that more perfect amalgamation of people of French descent in the Maritime Provinces with their Canadian brethren of other nationalities, which is so evidently desirable. In all the Maritime Provinces, at least, the people should be united by the bond of a common language, and the diffusion of a common literature. It is time that every person of speaking age in our Province should be acquainted with the English language. It is a misfortune for any family resident in any of these lower Provinces to be ignorant of the English language, the language of law, the language of trade and commerce, the language of free political discussion, and the language of travel in the land. It is true, the French language is a beautiful one, embodies a splendid literature, and the knowledge of it is a desirable accomplishment, and may be a source of pleasure and profit to the most sturdy Anglo-Saxon. But the use of the English language is indispensable to people whose lot is cast in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and who would profit by the advantages of their position. Maritime Province Governments might do better than they are doing in promoting the use of the English language among French descended people under their care.