Daily Evening News - 1883-06-11

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The Memorial Most Loudly Called For
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It will be a good thing to have a gushing fountain opened on King Square in memory of the Loyalists heroines who cheered by their companionship the founders of the city one hundred years ago. A sculptured monument, beautiful for situation, and of noble proportions, in honor of the brave, much-sacrificing loyalists of both sexes would be a desirable ornament to the city, would give expression to feelings worthy of perpetuation, and would, perhaps, suggest lessons fitted to serve a high patriotic purpose. A splendid Memorial Hall, giving shelter to a free public library, space to a public museum, and meeting room to the citizens for civic purposes, would be a desirable acquisition. Were means abundant for the attainment of all these objects, the accomplishment of all of them would be gratifying. But there is one object that from a Loyalist point of view should take precedence of all of them. That object is the placing of the Old Burying Ground in a proper condition. We have referred to this matter before. It needs to be kept prominently in view. The one thing needful just now in relation to the matter is the proper fencing of the ground. It seems fitting that the work should be the task, of the men who have ancestral dust reposing in the place. Much of that dust belonged to Loyalists. In that venerated spot, revered forefathers of the city sleep. It has never been fittingly fenced. It is full time the work were done. The hour for doing it as it should be done seems to have arrived, and the children of the sleepers ought to do it. What ought to be done is plain enough. A decorative iron fence resting on a solid stone foundation, fitted, with slight repairs, to last for generations, should close in the ground on the three sides requiring fencing. To talk about monuments and memorial halls to Loyalists, while the Loyalist resting place is in the condition now apparent, is a sad inversion of the proper order of things, A fine opening now presents itself for filial enterprise to the sons of the Loyalists. Who will head the much required movement? There is respect to be paid to the honored dead. There is honor to be won from the grateful living.