Daily Evening News - 1882-05-23

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THE Globe would justify its caution against “gush” and “undue exaltation” in connection with the celebration by the suppositions that the men of to-day areas noble and virtuous as the Loyalists were. What if that be so? Why should the men of to-day not be equal in all things noble, to the men of any other day? Without doubt they are equal in capacity for noble deeds to the men of any past age; and probably there is not an hour of any day that passes over us that does not witness acts of heroism, of patient endurance for the right, of uncalculating sacrifice for others, as admirable as any emblazoned on the page of history. But that is no reason why the noble things done or induced by the Loyalist fathers should not be worthily commemorated. A CAUTION AGAINST GUSH. The St. John Globe is anxious that there should be no indulgence in ''gush" in connection with the projected Loyalists Centennial, and that history should not be falsified for the purpose of crediting the Loyalist fathers with a sham heroism. The Globe may economize its breath on these matters. The descendants and other admirers of the Loyalists will gush at will without saying by your leave, to the Globe. And they will do well to gush, if to gush means to give heartfelt expression to the feelings which admiration of high principle, self-sacrificing endurance for a cause held sacred, and the noblest heroism, evoke. Admirers of the Loyalists have no need to tamper with historical records to attribute to those noble men a sham heroism. The simple annals of their daring and their endurance for the cause held dear by them, furnish ample proof of their possession of as genuine a heroism as has ever been displayed by men who imperilled fortune and life for a cause that either lost or won the day. The counsel of the Globe is not good in this case. Let the sons of the Loyalists give vent to their feelings and sentiments on this occasion. Let them put their heart into the celebration. Let them render just honor to the memories of heroic ancestors, and with reverent hand and just eulogy lay chaplets on their graves.