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Bouleau, alias Poliet, gets Three Years in the Penitentiary

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Bouleau, alias Poliet, gets Three Years in the Penitentiary
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Joe Beauleau, alias Alfred Poliet, who left Moncton for Rimouski rather unceremoniously a few months ago, a silver watch and chain, etc., the property of a young man named Dominick LeBlanc, had a true bill found against him by the Grand Jury. He was brought into court, now in session at Dorchester, and on a misunderstanding pleaded “not guilty.” He subsequently pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in the Penitentiary. High – Constable Cote, of the District of Rimouski, who captured Poliet, was in Dorchester as a witness, and has returned home. The circumstances of this case will be recalled. Poliet, who is a French Canadian, belonging to Rimouski, went by the name of Bouleau while in Moncton. After stealing the money from LeBlanc’s trunk at his boarding house (Mr. Mark White’s) he went to McSweeny Bros. store and invested in a suit of clothes. He also spent money in other places and made arrangements for catching the Intercolonial Train several miles up North. He had only left the cars at Rimouski a short time, however, before he was captured by High Constable Cote, on the order of Marshal Steadman. Poliet was also suspected of stealing $25 from a man from Kent County, who had been in town drinking a day or two before this theft, but he denied that offense.