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THE DAILY TIMES. MONCTON, SATURDAY, MARCH. 26, 1881. Denis Perreault, who showered bullets at the St. Patrick’s Society procession in Montreal, was not an Orangeman or a Young Briton, but a young French Canadian scamp, who wanted to create trouble. The police at first were puzzled to make out not only who fired but how they were fired. They imagined an air gun, but it turned out they were thrown by a rubber catapult. Several persons were struck and the man Finnegan was badly injured. Perreault will be tried. A singular case turning upon the word “respectable” is now engaging the attention of a Philadelphia court. Charles McAllister, a wealthy retired merchant, ordered by his will that $10,000 out of his estate should be set apart for the erection of a new church, provided that within five years of his decease “a respectable number of persons can be found to form the nucleus of a new congregation.” Seventeen persons got together and laid claim to the money, but the executors deny that they are either respectable themselves or can be considered respectable number. It is said of Sarah Bernhardt that after viewing the beauty and grandeur of Niagara Falls she returned to the hotel and wrote in the register, “How good God is to have created such beautiful things. With enthusiasm, Sarah Bernhardt.” This is in happy contrast to the doings of a Boston lady, who, while travelling in Switzerland, happened to stop in a hotel in Martigny, where she penned the following: “Mrs. – daughter, son, and two servants, Boston, United States of America; loveliest city and most glorious county in the known world. Just got in from Chamounty. We’re quite pleased with the mountains.” John. H. Bewley and Marietta Bewley have brought suit against the Equitable Life Insurance Society at New York, claiming that it has violated the law governing such corporations by misappropriating its moneys. Plaintiffs, who are policy holders ask for an accounting and the appointment of a receiver. Among the alleged misappropriations are mentioned $4,000,000 in land and building 120 Broadway, $1,000, 000, in Boston Equitable Building, $1,100, 000, in the stocks of the Mercantile Trust Company, $1,000 for erecting safes in the Equitable Safe Deposit Company of Boston besides other investments. Defendants demurred to the complaint, and argument on the demurrer was heard on Monday in the Supreme Court, decision being reserved.