New Brunswick Frenchmen and their Excursion.

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New Brunswick Frenchmen and their Excursion.
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Treated as Guests, rather than Delegates. HON. P.A. LANDRY IN A HAPPY MOOD. CAMPBELTON, JUNE 28TH. As the train with the French delegates came into the Station here, the platform was crowded and hearty cheers greeted the Acadians. All are returning well pleased with the trip and celebration. Yesterday at Quebec, a statue of the Count DeSalaberry was unveiled at Beaufort, the Count’s old quarters. Thousands took part in the processions. Bands playing, banner waving and musketry rattling added to the effect, and in the evening Beaufort grounds and Asylum were illuminated with Chinese lanterns, and magnificent fireworks displayed, rendering the close of the quiet Sabbath decidedly brilliant. On Friday evening a convention of all the committees of, the societies and delegates, and about two thousand of an audience, was held in Laval University Hall. Eloquent speeches were made, marked distinction being shown to the Acadians, who were treated as guests rather than delegates of a remote Brotherhood. Hon. P.A. Landry was the first called on after the inaugural address, and treated at length on the history and hopes of the Acadians. Storms of applause greeted the speaker at every point and the audience was most enthusiastic. The historic surroundings served to work up the volatile Canadians to the highest pitch. The celebration had a peculiar interest to Acadians, being the 125th anniversary of the departure of the French garrison from Fort Beauséjour.