Building Operations at Shediac.

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Building Operations at Shediac.

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One of the neatest – shops to be seen anywhere in the Maritime Provinces is the new one built by Mr. John Calder and occupied by himself. It is a good sized two storey building, with counting room and back store in the rear and a fine cellar beneath. The front (first flat) is glass. Mr. W. J. Gilbert has completed and this week occupies his new building – which is somewhat Gothic with its low posts and heavy browed roof. His offices are arranged in a suite for himself and clerks. He has fitted it up with a large vault and handsome grates and mantles. On the same side of the street - the north – Mr. Fidele Poirier has commenced a large three storey block intended for three stores, each to be 25 feet in front and to run back 100 feet. Mr. Oliver Melanson has a new store 22 x 40 boarded in. Councillor Gallant has a two storey building well under way, which is intended for two stores also. Near the latter is the Acadia Hotel that Mr. J. Gallant is erecting. On the south side, on the old site, Mr. E. J. Smith, is erecting a large store with three flats, 100 x 30. On Sackville Street, Mr. Alex P. Tait is about erecting a large warehouse 3 x 100, with a frost – proof cellar. The third flat will probably be built for a public hall. This building is intended for a sort of depot for the storage of potatoes. Shediac affords particularly good facilities for this trade. Mr. Robidoux, the persevering proprietor of the Moniteur Acadien, is about building an office near the Station. He has obtained since the fire an expensive newspaper power press and also a Peerless Jobber, - all of which are encouraging evidences of deserved prosperity. The Drug Store which was burned, has been re-established by Square Deacon. It is managed by his son, Mr. Deacon, Jr., who has it admirably fitted up and stocked. Next door in the same building, Mr. Deacon has his law office, - post.