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The Masonic Fraternity.
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The thirteenth annual session of the Masonic Grand Lodge of N.B. was held at St. John Tuesday. The following are extracts from the address of the Grand Master, Robert Marshall, Esq., M.P.P. : - Agreeably to the authority granted by Grand Lodge at its last annual session, I had the honor, with the officers of Grand Lodge, of proceeding to the City of Fredericton on the 5th day of June last, and, on the evening of that day, duly constituted Hiram Lodge. No. 6. It is pleasing to know that the union of Solomon’s Lodge, No. 6, and St. Andrew’s Lodge, No. 29., under the title of Hiram Lodge No. 6., has proved so exceedingly satisfactory to our brethren of the City of Fredericton. In accordance with vote of Grand Lodge in April, 1870, Albert Lodge, which had for some time been working under a dispensation at Hopewell Corner in the County of Albert was, on the 17th of June last, constituted under its warranty by myself, being ably assisted and supported by the officers of Grand Lodge, and members of the fraternity who visited Hopewell Corner for the purpose of meeting the members of Albert Lodge, No. 34. The occasion was most enjoyable and long to be remembered. “Albert Lodge” promises well, and I feel assured that the zealous brethren of Hopewell will succeed in their good work and prosper in it, even beyond my san-genuine expectation. I have received a communication informing me that there has been established in France a symbolic Grand Lodge of the Scottish Rite, in which twelve lodges have united. There are in France two supreme Masonic authorities which are generally recognized – The Grand Orient of France and The Supreme Council of France, which latter has under its control various bodies of the so called higher degrees and many symbolic Lodges. This new organization is a movement to take from under the control of the Supreme Council its subordinate Lodges, and to give them a Grand Lodge of their own. With the object of xe may sympathize, but we are bound not to do anything to weaken the principle of authority. We are not on terms of amity with the Grand Orient; but we have recognized it as the legal head of French Freemasonry. We do not know its attitude to the new power. I would recommend Grand Lodge therefore, not to take any action on the matter. It is with deep sympathy that I now attempt to discharge my solemn and melancholy duty of officially recording the death of our well beloved brother, Worshipful Chas. F. Bourne, P.M., Northumberland Lodge, No. 17., and past Junior Grand Deacon of this Grand Lodge, which sad event occurred in Newcastle, in the county of Northumberland, on the first day of September last. Our departed brother gave early evidence of true piety, and few, if any, under jurisdiction, evinced more untiring devotion to Freemasonry. The Grand Secretary’s report says, among other things: On the 13th October last, a destructive fire at Shediac, swept away the hall of Zetland Lodge, No. 24, with all its contents, including the warrant. This was a severe blow to the brethren of this lodge and prevented them from holding their meetings during several months. They are at work again with their usual earnest and energy. A duplicate of the warrant burned was furnished, copied from the registrar of warrants so fortunately started and completed in the years gone by. Keith Lodge, No. 23, has also been a sufferer by a fire which occurred at Moncton on the night of the 13th April inst., by which nearly all the lodge furniture and fixtures were destroyed, involving a loss of about $700, and no insurance. The election of officers was proceeded with. The elective and appointed officers are: - M.W. Grand Master – Robert Marshall. The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. R.W. Deputy Grand Master – Rev. Francis Partridge, Midian Lodge, No.4, Clifton. R.W. Senior Grand Warden – Geo. F. Stickney, St. Mark’s Lodge, No.5., St. Andrews; R.W. Junior Grand Warden – Geo. Todd, Hiram Lodge, No.6, Fredericton. V.W. Grand Chaplain – Rev. Donald Macrae, St. John’s Lodge, No. 2, St. John. V.W. Grand Treasurer – James McNichol, jr., New Brunswick Lodge, No. 22, St. John. V.W. Grand Secretary – Wm. F. Bunting, St. John’s Lodge, No.2. St. John. W.S. Grand Deacon - George F. Cairweather, Albien Lodge, No.1, St. John. W.J. Grand Deacon – Wm J. Logan, Hibernia Lodge, No.3, St. John, W G Director of Ceremonies – F W Wisdom, Albion Lodge, No. 1. St. John. W Asst Grand Director of Ceremonies - W H B Sadlier, St. John’s Lodge, No.2, St. John, W.G. Sword Bearer – Arch Mclean. The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. W.G. Standard Bearer – B C Barclay Boyd. Albion Lodge, No.1, St. John. W.G. Organist - Geo. F. DeVine, The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. W.G. Furgunvant – Chas U Hansford, The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. W.G. Stewards Robert J. Melvin, New Brunswick Lodge, No. 22, St. John. Chas H. Masters, Leinster Lodge, No. 19, St. John. Allen McN Travis, Corinthian Lodge, No. 13, Hampton. Hiram G. Betts, St. John’s Lodge, No.2, St. John. William B. Howard, Miramichi Lodge, No. 18, Chatham. John Watson, The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. Robert B. Emerson, New Brunswick Lodge, No. 22, St. John. WM B. Wallace, The Union Lodge of Portland, No. 10, St. John. Gains S Turner, Albert Lodge, No. 34, Hopewell Corner. Ernest Hutchison, Miramichi Lodge, No. 18, Chatham. Edmund L. Street, Northumberland Lodge, No. 17, Newcastle. Arthur Everitt, St. John’s Lodge, No. 2, St. John.