A Loyalist Centennial Souvenir

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A Loyalist Centennial Souvenir
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A Loyalist Centennial Souvenir. The New Brunswick Historical Society have in the press of its publishers, Messrs. J. & A. McMillan: 1783; The Loyalist Centennial Souvenir; 1883. From the table of contents, there is in store for the coming holidays, a feast of fat things, intellectual and historic:— Portrait of the Queen; Introductory; Presentation of the Hon. Isaac Burpee’s prizes at Victoria school; Centennial Watch-night; Portrait of Governor Wilmot; Ode on the Watch-night; Landing of the Loyalists; Services in Trinity church; Firemen’s Procession; Addresses, Oration and Ode; Portrait of Mayor Jones; Firemen’s Sports on Barrack square; Free Public Library and Reading Room, opened 1883. Centennial Exhibition Opening; International salute, H. M. ship of war Garnet and U. S. ship of war Alliance: Old historic relies, coins and war medals; Harvest festival, musical and literary; Portrait of Chief Justice Allen; New Brunswick’s first Arbor day; Likeness of Sir Leonard Tilley; Presentation of Haymarket square drinking fountain; Concert in aid of tree-planting; Historical sketch of old burial ground; Ode on old burial ground; Epitaphs in old burial ground; The story of a tombstone; The mayor who died in office; Obituary of members of New Brunswick Historical society.