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THE Toronto Mail appreciates the Acadian character though it is not usually disposed to compliment the Quebec French. It makes the following observations on the Kent election. Mr. Legere, an Acadian, has been elected in Kent. N. B. The former member for the country. Mr. Landry, was an Acadian, and Senator Poirier is a representative of that interesting and loyal race. The Acadians are the compatriots of the French-Canadians; but, settled among the British in New Brunswick. their aspirations are entirely different to those of the extreme men in Quebec. They respect their origin and love their language; yet are true to Canada as a whole. Their dream of future greatness does not contemplate a race domination, but an advance in which ail who have made Canada their home, the English, French, Irish, and Scotch, shall participate. The liberality of the Acadian mind was evinced when Senator Poirier proposed the reform of the senate at the last session of Parliament. The Senator could see that the institution was a failure. among whom denounced him for criticizing a chamber upon the establishment and retention of which the extremists, guided by the Church, have insisted.