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Society of Loyalists
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Society of Loyalists. For a long time it has been a favorite idea with many descendants of the founders of our city that a society should be formed to commemorate the principles and deeds of the loyalists. The first practical step in that direction has been taken, and there seems every reason to believe that the organization of a large and enthusiastic society will be the result. Among those who met in the Natural History society’s rooms Thursday evening to talk the matter over were Sir Leonard Tilley, Simeon Jones, Geo. S. DeForest, T. W. Peters, A. O. Earle, Geo. W. Jones, Herbert Tilley, D. H. Waterbury, Philip Palmer, James Hannay, C. A. Stockton, R. C. Skinner, J. A. Belyea, K. G. Kaye and Id. B. Dixon. Those present were unanimous in support of the for¬mation of a society, whose members should be descendants of the Loyalists. The society will be provincial in its scope and social in its character, its aim being to honor and perpetuate the memory of those who have filled so large a page in the country’s history. Sir Leonard Tilley was elected provisional chairman, Simeon Jones, vice-chairman, and J. A. Belyea secretary. Messrs. A. O. Earle, James Hannay and D. H. Waterbury were appointed a committee to draft constitution and by-laws. This committee will report at a meeting to be held in the same rooms on Monday evening at 8 o’clock, on which occasion the organization of the society will be completed and permanent officers elected. All descendants of the loyalists are cordially invited to attend this meeting.