Court Loyalist, I. O. F.: Election of Officers

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Court Loyalist, I. O. F.: Election of Officers
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COURT LOYALIST, I. 0. F. Election of Officers—Presentations to Dr. Gray and H. J. Pratt There was a large gathering of members of Court Loyalist, I. O. F., in their hall Simonds street, Portland, last evening. The election of officers resulted as follows:— H. W. Moore, C. R.; Jas. Irvine, V. C. R.; F. H. Hayes, R S.; H. J. Pratt, F. S.; T. F. Granville, treas.; J. Chamberlain, chap.; Dr. J. H. Gray, C. P.; D. E. Oram, S. W.; Jos. Daly, J. W.; J. Souther, S. B.; M. Miller, J. B.; T. Miller and H. Stevens, finance and audit committee. The election of officers having been disposed of, the C. R. called upon the H. V. C. R., J. A. Kilpatrick, to perform a very pleasant duty. Mr. Kilpatrick upon rising, briefly referred to the earlier days of Court Loyalist, its remarkable advancement from one of the smallest courts in the jurisdiction to one of the largest. When, said the speaker, the court seemed almost ready to disband, because of the many adverse circumstances through which it was compelled to pass, there were to be found men among the small but plucky membership who clung to the hope that in the near future Court Loyalist would become a power for good in this city. Among those whose devotion to the order in general and Court Loyalist in particular was the respected court physician, Dr. J. H. Gray, whose kind attention to members of this court, when the hand of sickness was lain upon them, will ever be cherished in fond remembrance. Although the constitution provides that a salary shall be paid the physician, Dr. Gray has given his services gratuitously for more than three years. A faithful member and an efficient officer, he has endeared himself to the court. As a slight token of the esteem in which he is held, Mr. Kilpatrick said he had been requested to present Dr. Gray with a student’s lamp. The address to Dr. Gray concluded as follows: "As its soft rays illuminate your study, wherein you must necessarily spend many thoughtful hours, may an occasional thought be bestowed upon the members of Court Loyalist and the many pleasant hours spent therein. May you long be spared to fill the high and honorable position which you now hold in this court." When the applause had subsided which followed Mr. Kilpatrick’s address. Dr. Gray, who was completely surprised, said Court Loyalists had indeed seen dark days. The cloud, however, which at one time hung over it and threatened to burst in destruction upon it, had passed away and the sun of prosperity was now shining upon each and every member of the court. For over three years the court had seen fit to elect him physician and although a salary was provided he had never looked for it nor never intended to. He had endeavored to fulfil the duties in connection with the office to his best of his ability, and that the court had appreciated him it is manifested by the kind token which had been presented to him. He concluded by saying that when the last dread summons should come one of his pleasant thoughts would be that Court Loyalists would be mindful of him and his. Mr. Kilpatrick being again called upon, and addressing H. J. Pratt, said: "It is indeed a pleaaure to me to further show the manner in which this court appreciates the faithfulness of its officers. One of the offices in connection with this court is that of financial secretary, that it is ably and well filled by H. J. Pratt, who is well known to you all. The office is one which requires great care and attention; through him passes our assessments to the Supreme Court and neglect upon his part to conduct his duties with promptness and care, would entail no end of evil results, but he has been faithful, though his patience has at times been severely taxed. He is a man of large heartedness and is held in high esteem by us all. It is therefore a great pleasure to me as to you, on behalf of the court to present you with a complete commentary (consisting of seven volumes) of the Old and New Testament, and while it assists you in your Sabbath school labour, may the truth contained within the sacred volume, a commentary upon which it is, tend to make you a better Forester in this world and thus prepare you for the higher court above."