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ALBERT COUNTY NOTES. Mrs. Dr. W. J. Lewis and daughter returned lo Hillsboro from Ottawa on Saturday. The American schooner Thomas Clyde is undergoing repairs at the Cape breakwater. Alonzo and Addington Brewster of Harvey have secured the contract for building G. D. Prescott’s new residence at Albert. A young Newfoundlander had one of his feet badly crushed by a plaster car Wednesday, at the Whitehead quarry, Hillsboro. Addington Brewster has recently purchased a desirable lot of land from Geo. A. McLeod situated near Harvey Corner. Capt. Geo. Coonan and wife, Mrs. Julia Bishop and son Judson, Miss Bertha Coonan, and Miss L. F. Steeves, all of Harvey are visiting Elgin. The whiskey man from Moncton did a rushing business on the 12th at Hillsboro. His whiskey must have been well watered, it did not make much noise. So says the Maple Leaf. John P. Edgett while at work on the A. M. Co. tracks on Saturday, had the misfortune to cut off one of his thumbs. Dr. J. T. Lewis rendered the necessary surgical assistance. The deals of J. C. Wright, Chesley Smith, G. W. Newcomb and other parties are being lightered from the Hill wharf to the steamer Indianapolis at Grindstone Island, which is being loaded by J. Nelson Smith of Coverdale. Rev. I. B. Colwell, who has accepted a call to the Petitcodiac church, preaches his farewell sermon next Sunday. Many friends here regret Mr. Colwell’s leaving this field, where he has done faithful work. — Albert Maple Leaf (July 20.) The steam saw mill of Freeman Goodwin, at the Hill, which was badly damaged by fire a few weeks ago, has been repaired at the Robb establishment, Amherst, and set up again at the Bennett Creek, where Mr. Goodwin has something like a million feet of logs to saw. At the closing exercises of Mt. Hermon, Mass., three Albert county boys carried off prizes as follows: Frank B. Keiver won the second prize of $10 in the Prize Debate; for an essay on “Man,” Fred Peck won a very nice Bible, he also took third prize in the mile running race; in a class of about 200 Geo. H. Beaman won the first prize $7 for general excellence in Bible study for the year, also a prize of $5 for the best essay on “The Messianic Psalms,” open to the preparatory classes. One of the best entertainments given at Hopewell Hill for a long time, was presented Tuesday evening by the members of Golden Rule division, S. of T. The division hall was completely filled. The programme consisted of three full choruses; address by the chairman, G. M. Peck; solos by Mrs. Dr. Chapman, Miss Laura Tingley, and John M. Tingley; duet by M. M. Tingley and Miss Linda Tingley, and readings by Misses Laura Peck and Julia Brewster, Herbert L. Brewster and Dr. Chapman. Ice cream, strawberries and other refreshments were furnished at the close of the concert. Mrs. R. K. Hitchens, of Chicago, Mrs. Dexter P. Donelson, nee Hattie Hitchens, and her daughter Katharine, are rusticating amid their favorite haunts around Cape Station. Mr. Hitchens who came with them, was called away by telegram on a business trip to Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Benton M. Harper, of Dubuque, Iowa, were also in the party but left on Monday for their home. The rest of the party purpose remaining with Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Calhoun until Mr. Hitchens returns from Europe probably in about two months. – Maple Leaf.