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Municipal Election
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Municipal Election. SHEDIAC, Sept. 28. – [Special.] -- The two political parties here made arrangements not to have a contest in the approaching municipal election. Each party is to select a candidate and each stand by their man. E. J. Smith the former councillor called a meeting and resigned in favor of an Acadian. Said meeting named a committee of two Acadians from each of the federal polling districts in the parish to meet at his (Mr. Smith’s) office on the 26th inst. to decide who the favored one should be. Upon the assembling of the delegates a vote was taken and C. H. Gallant the defeated candidate of last year was chosen. Mr. Gallant thanked the committee for the confidence they placed in him and said he would endeavor to do his duty in the future as in the past. The thanks of the committee was also tendered Mr. E. J. Smith for his kindness in retiring in favor of an Acadian, and said that his kindness would not be forgotten. Mr. Smith in reply said that he had not done more than his duty in fairness to the Acadians as they had about two thirds of the votes in the parish and at the last election the Acadian was defeated and two Englishmen elected. This he considered unfair and to show that he was sincere he resigned in favor of any one that they might choose, and after thanking them for past favors the meeting closed. R. C. Tait it is said is to be the chosen of the other party.