The Digby By-Election

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The Digby By-Election
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THE DIGBY BY-ELECTION. The official nominations of candidates for the Digby vacancy in the House of Commons take place on Saturday, July 9. The Liberal outlook would not appear to be unfavorable, judging from the disorganized and unsystematic line of policy pursued by the Tory papers. The. St. John Sun was at first bumptious, but when it learned that Mr. Robichau was the Liberal candidate, it began to hark back, and set up the ridiculous claim that he would support the Government. The Moncton Times, under the stimulus of $8,000 a year from the public treasury, has predicted a complete and crushing victory for the Tory candidate, Mr. Jones. It is possible that the Times in this prediction will be about as successful as it was in predicting the complete rout of the Blair candidates in the New Brunswick provincial elections. The Halifax Herald and Yarmouth Times are howling “Grit corruption,” which, of course, means a large Tory bribery fund. The cry is raised to distract public attention from Tory rascally practices. It is the old trick of the real thief joining in the crowd of pursuers and crying stentoriously “stop thief.” Such cuttle fish tactics will deceive only the stupid. The Liberals are determined to force the fight in this county to the bitter end, and are hopeful of success. Mr. Robichau, their candidate, has been in the Nova Scotia legislature since 1874, and has always headed the poll. In 1878, when all his political friends were defeated he was successful. He is a French Canadian, however, and the Tory bigots are trying to secure his defeat by pursuing a still hunt on the race and creed cry among the English speaking electors. The population of Digby, is, however, one-half Acadian, and during the twenty years of Confederation the Acadians of this county have never had a representative in the Dominion parliament. Under these circumstances Mr. Robichau should be a strong candidate.