The City Funds and the Exhibition.

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The City Funds and the Exhibition.
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The City Funds and the Exhibition. SIR: I did not gather from the report of the proceedings of the Executive Committee that any part of the city or Provincial grant would be applied to any Loyalist celebration, such as must take place in some form on the 18th of May next. If the city’s funds are to be used exclusively on the Industrial Exhibition and are, in common with the other funds, to be virtually controlled by the Local Government through the Attorney General, how are the expenses of providing relics, getting up history, ornamenting the Old Burying Ground, etc., to be met? A gentlemen who lately interviewed Mr. J. W. Lawrence states that he remarked on the fragmentary form of the tomb of William Campbell, for 20 years Mayor of St. John, and on the neglected condition of the tombs of Collector Wanton and others. How are these matters to be attended and a neat fence provided for that old resting place of the dead? It seems to me that these matters require “looking into.” Sept. 26. OBSERVER.