The Exhibition - Getting Into Working Order

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The Exhibition - Getting Into Working Order
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THE EXHIBITION – GETTING INTO WORKING ORDER. The meeting called for yesterday by the MAYOR was so largely attended by representative men, and so earnest in tone, as to augur well for future work. There appeared to be a little friction, or conflict of sentiment for a short time, but it was found that all were aiming at the same end. What has been determined is that the executive committee, and all the sub-committees which it may appoint, whether from its own body or the large general committee, are to be under the direct control and supervision of the latter. The MAYOR, on a fitting request, will convene the general committee. The executive committee thus appointed will see that the necessary sub-committees are named, on building, on exhibits, on finance, etc., etc., and that they all go to work forthwith. The Local Government, who are charged by law with holding the Provincial Exhibition, will be an important factor in the work. They will co-operate with the committee, but not in such a way as to hamper or restrain it. They will, no doubt, give special attention to the Agricultural Department, in which the Province is so deeply interested. It will be found that there are departments in the fine and industrial arts which will not be covered by the appointments made yesterday, but provision is made to add, so as to supply all such omissions and complete all the departments. So far no nominations have been made with special reference to the Loyalist Centenary. Apart from the question of providing a suitable Memorial of the event, of a permanent character, steps ought to be taken to collect relics of the early history of the Province; to have a historical sketch prepared, and poets and orators provided. If such a committee is not provided, then we virtually drop the anniversary character of the Exhibition as a Loyalist Centenary, leaving only a Provincial Exhibition with a superadded Dominion character. Upon the whole we are very well satisfied with the start made yesterday, and none the less on account of the free expression of opinion, inspired by a deep interest in the work to be done.