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EDITOR’S BOOK TABLE. The Eclectic Magazine for March covers well the field of contemporary literature. “Bismarck, his work and prospects;” “Charles Dickens,” “Siberian Silhouettes,” “America’s new Empire,” are only a few of the twenty odd subjects discussed. E. R. Pelton, New York. All Booksellers, 45 cents. The March number of The New Brunswick Magazine contains the first of a series of papers by Lieut. Col. Maunsell on the Militia of New Brunswick, being a retrospect of that well known officer’s connection with it for the last thirty years. It will be read with deep interest and is a most important contribution to the history of the province. The other papers for the month include the continuation of Rev. W. O. Raymond’s sketches of the early settlement of St. John, Dr. I. A. Jack’s reminiscences, Mr. Hannay’s account of the early French families, a graphic picture of the condition of the Acadians as they were up to a generation ago, translated from Hon. Pascal Poirier s work on Father Lefebvre and Acadia, a reminiscence of early railway days in New Brunswick, etc. The departments, as usual, have much of interest. Published by W. K. Reynolds, St. John, at $1.50 a year, single copies 15 cents.