The Ticket Nominated Yesterday.

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The Ticket Nominated Yesterday.
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The Ticket Nominated Yesterday. Considering the necessarily short notice given, and the inclement weather which prevailed yesterday, the convention of Local Government supporters which met at Dorchester yesterday, was a surprisingly large one – there being not less than 300 electors present, intelligent and representative men. The excellent spirit which prevailed, the unanimity displayed in the transaction of the business of the Convention, and the frankness and good feeling which characterized the discussion both in Committee and in the Convention, constituted a marked feature of the meeting, while the enthusiasm which prevailed augurs well for the success of the ticket unanimously chosen after full and mature deliberation. At the outset the Convention adopted the proper and common-sense principle of dealing solely with issues of a local and provincial character, discarding Dominion [illegible] has been conducted on this basis since it assumed the reins of power, and there exists no valid reason why the Provincial business should not continue to be conducted on that basis – the results will be better for all concerned. Then a proper thing was done in asking the French Acadians – of whom a large and respectable delegation were present – [illegible] ...sentative of that section of the electors to be placed on the ticket. The choice of the French people was Mr. Tilman T. Landry and he was unanimously and heartily accepted by the Nominating Committee and by the Convention. Again, the principle of the resolution adopted at the opening of the Convention, that the campaign should be conducted on local and Provincial issues – Dominion issues to be discarded – was emphatically endorsed by the Nominating Committee in their selection of a ticket. The men chosen are pledged supporters of the Local Government. In Dominion politics, so far as their views have been expressed in the past, they stand: A. E. Killam and Tilman T. Landry, Conservative; E. J. Smith and W. J. Robinson, Liberal. Of the gentlemen composing the ticket little need be said. They are well known throughout this County. They are all gentlemen of high character and good standing in the community. Mr. A. E. Killam is a man whose name is a household word in Westmorland County. He is personally popular among the people irrespective of party. His railway and other business enterprises give him a large stake in the business interests and welfare of this County, while the lengthened experience he has had as a legislator eminently qualify him to be one of the representatives of Westmorland County. Mr. Landry is a brother of Hon. P. A. Landry, an intelligent and representative French Acadian, a young man of good ability, well acquainted with local requirements and eminently fitted by his experience in the County Council to be a useful and influential representative. Mr. J. W. Robinson is well known throughout the County as one of our solid men, having large interests at stake in manufacturing and other business enterprises. He has proved himself a public-spirited citizen and withal is possessed of ability and intelligence which will soon give him an influential position in Provincial Council. Mr. E. J Smith, of Shediac, is well and favorably known throughout the Province as well as the County. Personally popular wherever he is known, and having extensive business connections and interests in the County, he necessarily occupies a position of prominence and influence. The length of time he has served as representative at the County Council Board, render him thoroughly well acquainted with our local wants; while the intelligence and ability he has displayed in the transaction of the County business eminently qualify him for the position of representative in the Local House. The ticket we consider an excellent one – this, we think, will be frankly admitted even by opponents of the Government. Indeed, the ticket is so thoroughly representative, and the gentlemen composing it are so well and favorably known as men of character and ability, that we do not see why it should be opposed. We presume, however, that there will be opposition, and the plain duty of the friends and supporters of the Local Government in the County of Westmorland is to carry on a vigorous and spirited campaign for the next two weeks, and then rally to the polls on the 26th and elect Messrs. Killam, Landry, Smith and Robinson by a handsome majority.