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HON. PASCAL POIRIER. – Under the auspices of St. Francis Xavier’s Debating Society, Hon. Pascal Poirier addressed a large number of French Acadians in the vestry of St. Bernard’s Church last night. The Hon. lecturer took for his subject – “Confederation and the Acadians,” and the manner in which he handled the subject showed great study and thought. He spoke for an hour and a half, tracing the Acadian history from the time of the expulsion until the present day. He advised the French of New Brunswick to act in harmony and sympathy with the English confreres in all things pertaining to justice and morality, and to be ever faithful to their sovereign, but still retain fond remembrance of their ancestors – a thing easily done with all due respect to loyalty. He referred to the consequence of national sin, and called upon the Acadians in particular and the Dominion in general to guard against any such exigencies, instancing the fall of several proud and once powerful nations, now crumbling in the dust. His references to the traditions and characteristics of the ancient Acadians and Canadians was something worthy of the strictest attention. He vividly pictured the past and present weak points of the Acadians and put forth opinions and methods by which they could make themselves still more perfect. Rev. Fathers Meahan, Belliveau, and Hebert occupied seats next the platform, and also addressed the assembly. Mr. Fuchs, in an eloquent address, proposed a vote of thanks to the lecturer, and was seconded by Dr. Bourque. Mr. E. Babin, the President of the Society, presided.