Centennial Day – Action of Leading Merchants

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Centennial Day – Action of Leading Merchants
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Centennial Day – Action of Leading Merchants A very numerously attended meeting of the merchants of market Square, North and South Wharves, Dock and Prince William streets, was held at the office of Messrs. Troop & McLauchlan to-day at noon to make arrangements for a special display at the scene of the landing. A subscription list containing $200, which, it is expected, will be still further increased, was made up with an alacrity that showed that, when once aroused, our merchants can do the thing handsomely. The full details of the proposed decorating and illuminations were not decided on, but separate committees were struck to attend to the various departments of the work which will include placing trees on the wharves at short intervals, a great show of bunting and a grand illumination and fire-work display at night, when it is expected that the Market Square will glow with the light of about one thousand Chinese lanterns. C. H. Fairweather, Esq., presided at the meeting; W. H. Thorne, Esq., was appointed secretary; Messrs. Geo. O. Deforest, W. I. Whiting, and R. B. Humphrey were appointed a committee to procure green boughs. Messrs. M. Chamberlain, W. H. Thorne, H. J. Thorne, G. O. Bent, John Mullin, W. J. Logan, B. L. Hartt, Chas. McLauchlan, A. C. Blair, and Geo. Robertson were appointed an illuminating committee. Messrs. Thos. S. Adams. C. McLauchlan, and Oliver Emery were appointed a flag committee. Messrs. C. H. Fairweather, W. H. Thorne, and W. W. Mclauchlan were appointed a finance committee.