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One Word to English Electors
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One Word to English Electors The electors of Kent County will, on Thursday next, elect the man who is to represent them in the House of Commons for the remainder or the present Parliament. As we write, four candidates are in the field. One of them, Dr. Leger, is a French Acadian and a staunch Conservative. Selected by a convention held at Buctouche, he is the choice of the Acadian Electors. Though young, he is a good speaker, has more than ordinary ability and a good stock of energy and push. The French Acadians of New Brunswick number some 60,000 souls, or about one fifth of the total population. To-day, by the recent election of Hon. P. A. Landry to a well-deserved County Judgeship, they are without a representative in the House of Commons, when by number they are entitled to three. It is now universally conceded that it is highly desirable–indeed it is fitting, important and necessary for the harmonious working of our institutions and well-being of the country–that minorities, in short all classes of the people should have a voice in the management of public affairs. The Acadians of Kent claim the right to elect one of their number. They claim this great privilege in their own name and interest as well as for their Acadian fellow-citizens throughout the whole province. In all fairness their claim cannot and should not be denied. We know that difficulties stand in the way, we know that you have popular men in the field. Still we have hope that a large number of you will recognize the justice of our claim and acquiesce in our demand by giving a hearty support to our candidate–Dr. Leger. In times past, and not so long ago that all of you cannot easily recall it to your mind, we have cheerfully done for your candidate and for you that which we are now asking you to do for us and the man of our choice. Let British Fair Play and Acadian Fair play be anonymous terms. Let Harmony, Good Will, Mutual Respect and Assistance be the Watchword. To our mind, this is none a great opportunity to display, or rather cement this very desirable bond of friendship–the boon of Good Will. Give us a helping hand by marking your ballots for DR. LEGER on the 31st July. ---- Les Acadiens ne sont pas très extravagants ; ils ne demandent que justice. Si les électeurs de Kent écoutaient M. McInerney et ses amis, la population française serait ignorée à Ottawa. ---- Nous voulons l’union et l’accord entre les Acadiens et les Irlandais et les Anglais ; nous voulons l’union basée sur la justice, nous voulons l’accord, mais qu’il repose sur l’équité ; en un mot, nous voulons que chacun ait le sien. N’est-ce pas comme cela que vous le voulez aussi, électeurs de Kent? ---- M. McInerney ne veut pas de division entre les Irlandais et les Français, mais quand ça vient pour le partage des honneurs et du patronage, il est d’un appétit de gargantuas. Il veut tout prendre. Et il n’y en a pas de plus âpres à la curée que ses partisans! Tout d’un bord, rien de l’autre, voilà comment ils entendent le partage. Modérez vos estomacs, messieurs, modérez.