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The Same Subject: Other Views.
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The Same Subject: Other Views. SIR: There appears to be a good deal of correspondence just now in the city papers about the proposed Loyalist Memorial, but as yet ink and paper seem to be all that have been contributed, towards what I, although not a Loyalist or one of their descendants, would very much like to see in our city, and I must say that it has always been a wonder to me that a monument or some such memorial was not erected long ago in honor of those noble and loyal men who founded a city on this rocky and barren shore. The descendants of these men, especially of the present generation, seem to devote more talk than money in aid of the above object, and I must say that it reflects no credit on their loyal feelings, that not even a street in our city has been named in honor of the Loyalists, nor any such act done to perpetuate their memory; neither has anything been done to commemorate the 18th day of May, 1783, the date of their landing. Even the anniversary of that day is only marked by a few flags being thrown to the breeze, and by half a dozen sleepy men of the garrison artillery brigade (which, having been formed in 1793, should be a thoroughly Loyalist corps,) firing a few small guns before people are awake in the morning, while Halifax, Yarmouth, Pictou, and many other cities make this natal day a public holiday. Where could a more appropriate place be found for descendants of the Loyalists to honor their forefathers than in our new Trinity Church? and I might ask, how much Loyalist money has been subscribed towards the building of that sacred and handsome edifice by the Loyalist members of that church? and there are yet a number among the congregation; not even a window has been dedicated to their memory, although this church has been built on the site of the one where the settlers of our city first worshipped. True there is one small window dedicated to Loyalist parents by their two daughters who still survive, but this is all there is to show that the church was ever attended by our early inhabitants. What more fitting memorial could have been erected than the chimes which are to be placed in the tower of New Trinity, but I think I am right when I say that very little Loyalist money has been subscribed towards them. In conclusion, sir, allow me to say that unless more money and heart are put into this object, I am afraid a memorial is yet far in the distance. Hoping this may lead to a step being made in the right direction and that some of the members of the old families in our city will move financially in the matter, and thanking you for space, I am, Yours truly, HISTORICUS.