A Good Afternoon's Work for the Free Library

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A Good Afternoon's Work for the Free Library
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A GOOD AFTERNOON’S WORK FOR THE FREE LIBRARY. A step in advance has been taken in regard to the Free Public Library. The books will soon be on the shelves of a library room, offered by the Common Council. The moment that is done, additions will be made to the original nucleus, and the work will go on. Books and money will come in, and the assistance of willing hands and hearts will not be wanting. A great and almost universal benefit will thus be conferred; a great reproach will be wiped away. By a curious coincidence, we publish a letter suggesting, in terms kindred to those pointed out by Mr. A. A. STOCKTON, that a Loyalists’ Memorial Hall may be reached, in which Art and Literature might be represented, and which should itself be “a thing of beauty and a joy for ever.” That idea may or may not be realized, but we have made a start, and we mean to go on. Donations of books or money, or both will, no doubt, gladly be received by any of the Commissioners and added to the common stock. We will speak for one – the editor of this paper will be happy to assist in that way, a fact of which authors and publishers, as well as all others who, in this or sister cities, feel an interest in the Library, will please make a note.