Loyalists’ Centennial Souvenir - 1887 - p18

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Rev. Dr. Hopper
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Regretted Mr. LAWRENCE had not taken up all the time that had been allotted to him. He was glad to be present at this celebration of the landing of our forefathers. They came here one hundred years ago and laid the foundation of our city, beautiful for situation. They were a religious body, and they felt the grounds for the rebellion were insufficient, and they therefore left. It was of such stuff that martyrs were made. They held convictions in political and religious matters, and were prepared to give up all to carry them out. We have reason to be proud of our institutions; the Loyalists gave them to us, and we must try to keep them up. Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of Saint Paul's Cathedral, has no monument in it; the building is his monument. So the monument to the Loyalists is the City and the Province.