Loyalists’ Centennial Souvenir - 1887 - p15

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Rev. D. D. Currie
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I second the motion; and I may add, in addition, that when the President of the New Brunswick Historical Society spoke to me about the propriety of having a service of this kind, it seemed to me eminently proper that there should be such a service on the last night of the century, and we appear here in the House of the Lord, ever recognizing the good hand of God during the century that has passed; and we are also here for the purpose of watching the closing moments of that century and to recognize the dawn of the new century, the second in our history. It is well there should be the sports tomorrow; but it is only right and proper that we should remember how good God, our Heavenly Father, has been to us, and that we should here, with thankful and reverent hearts, recognize His goodness and speak of Him for what He has done for us. I am sure you are all glad to recognize His Honor the Lieutenant Governor in the chair, and should request that he would go on and preside over the meeting."