Daily Evening News - 1883-08-15

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A Ticklish Suggestion
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Mr. I. Allan Jack suggested at the meeting of the Exhibition Amusement Committee that it would be well that the procession at the opening of the Exhibition should include some display of an historical character illustrating the costumes worn by loyalists a hundred years ago, etc. Well, something of this kind might be done with good effect, if the getting-up and the carrying-out of the representation should be entrusted to judicious, competent hands. But the display might easily assume the appearance of a burlesque offensive to thoughtful people. The fiasco of the landing in May should not be forgotten. The event intended to be represented was full of pathos and solemnity. But what a burlesque was the Centennial celebration of it. It is true people were not in a critical mood on that day. It is true, also, the people who personated the Loyalists at the landing were animated by excellent feeling, and had taken much pains to do their part worthily. But fancy the grave Loyalist heroes and their gentle companions in exile and tribulation cutting the figure represented by the waltzing and jovial celebrants as they were tugged into the landing cove in May 1st. Spectators overlooked the incongruity of the representation, and laughed heartily at the grotesque exhibition; but anything in that style at the coming celebration would awaken much displeasure, and would do vastly more harm than good. Upon the whole, the safer course is not to act on Mr. Jack's suggestion. It is not specially disparaging to our people to suppose that they might fail in histrionic representation in such a case. There was a grand Celebration of Penn's landing in Pennsylvania not long ago. An elaborate attempt at realizing the scene was made. What should have been the most touching part of the performance excited shouts of laugher and derision. With the best will in the world, the parties concerned broke down utterly in their personifications.