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Daily Evening News - 1883-05-25

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The Moncton Times among others is hard on the Centennial Celebration. It does not deny that the day was well kept in St. John, that the landing ceremonial was at least amusing, the processions by day and by night splendid, the general display striking, and the good feeling of the people remarkable. But it complains that no memorial stone was laid, no memorial tree planted, and that nothing worthy of the occasion remains to be seen. It scoffs at what it calls the experience meeting at the Institute, brands the short speeches there delivered as pleasant nothings, and found in the oration nothing but a voice.
The regrets of the Times as to the absence of corner stone laying and tree planting among the observances of the day have reason. For the rest, our contemporary is hypercritical. The general observances were highly creditable, and the day will long be held in pleasant rememberance by those participating in its festivities, and all who contributed to its success merit thanks.