SCADOUC, April 4th

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SCADOUC, April 4th
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Mr. Editor, - A correspondent of the Moniteur Acadian of last week sighted B.L.L. most pitifully laments over an imaginary grievance: or he is pleased to term it injustice to the Parish of Shediac in the appointment of one of the census enumerators for that Parish. It would seem that B.L.L for some time past has had his tears bottled and ready to flow upon the shortest notice. And indeed it is difficult to understand the true cause of his grief. He is not at all satisfied with the choice made in the Census Commissioner for this County; in his way of thinking he should have been a Frenchman; the enumerators for the Parish do not meet with his approval: they should all be Frenchmen, and Dame Ruinor tells of a young Acadien who modestly aspired to become one of the fourteen Dominion Census officers. “B.L.L. reminds me of the fisherman’s daughter who wished “all the elk were dead that they might have a’the dishes.” But in reference to the person chosen as enumerator and whom he is pleased to term a stranger, I might say that such is not the fact, that that gentleman is neither a stranger to the French people of this Parish, with whose language he is perfectly acquainted nor a stranger to the county, nor a stranger to the party who appointed him an enumerator, or even a stranger to “B.L.L.” As to his interest in the county, though not possessed of wealth, still he is a ratepayer, and would “B.L.L,” please tell us what more is he? But if he means by the word “interest” that he takes no interest in the county nor the affairs of the county, I would remind “B.L.L,” that the greatest boasters are the greatest cowards, and it would seem that the services rendered by this stranger in the time which died the composition of such men as “B.L.L,” has been better appreciated by the parti au pouvoir than his own. But, his nationality exclaims “B.L.L.” He does not represent one fifth of the people of Shediac. Would “B.L.L,” kindly tell us what portion of the inhabitants of Westmorland County he represents? I presume the gentlemen in question is an Irish Catholic, and they, I would venture to assert, form at least one-twentieth of the population of this County, and if so, why this county? Have they not a right in justice to one enumerator. But, he says Shediac has been totally ignored: in what Mr. B.L.L? Is it in the appointment of the Dominion Staff officer-in-chief for New Brunswick. Yet, Mr. B.L.L. becomes very humble and forgiving. He tells us we should forgive, and above all we should attach no blame to our local representatives, who, though having the patronage of the county, but seek the Ignis Fatuus who perpetrated this outrage and annihilate him! A little thin, Mr. B.L.L., see your position is an embarrassing one. THADDY F.