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Mr. Solomon Lawson, wood worker, of St. John, has on exhibition a handsome table or desk, in the construction of which over 4,000 separate pieces of wood were required. On a stand in the gallery of the main building is a chair, with a label on it containing the following, which speaks for itself; - “This chair is one of twelve that Major. Thos Menzies imported to America before the war of independence, and is over 100 years old. After the declaration of peace, Major. Menzies brought part of the loyalists to St. John in the ship “Elizabeth,” of which the major was commander and in which also this chair was brought. It is owned at present by the Major’s grand-daughter, Mrs. James Davidson, who lives at Musquash, on the estate given to the Major, with £800 life annuity, by the British Government. He lived 77 years, and at his death the estate reverted to his grand-daughter.” Manchester, Robertson & Allison make a fine display in a large glass case nearly in the centre of the main building. This exhibit was the delight of lady visitors. In the evening, it was well set off with burning gas jets.