From the Ancient Capital. St. Jean de Baptiste Day

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From the Ancient Capital. St. Jean de Baptiste Day
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The Maritime Delegates. – A Large Representation Quebec, June 23. The train, bearing the Acadian delegates, arrived here at 9 p. m. Like St. Martin of Tours, we were “weary outright, we had travelled all day and most of the night.” The city is crowded with strangers and hotel accommodation is difficult to obtain. The delegates car was in charge of A. D. Richard, Esq, who proved himself a success as a conductor. He punched with great care, and in the presence of the passengaire [sic?]. The continued accession of excursionists necessated [sic] corresponding additions to the train, which on reaching here consisted of 7 passenger and 2 pullman cars were filled. The following were occupants of the delegates car: -- Kent County.. Rev Father Michaud, U Johnson, M P P, D B Gallant, J G Vautour, D F Richard, G A Richard, O LeBlanc, Michael Vautour, Joel Richard, Sheriff Girouard, D D Landry, Rev F X Richard, O Legere, Pascal Poirier, Rev F H Cormier Dr Bourke, Rev Jos Ouellett, E LeBlanc, G A Girouard, M P, Moise Barreault G Legere, Louis Casey, G J Bourgeois, Dom LeBlanc, J Huberdeau, Rev Father LeFebvre, Enselme Girouard, E Girouard, R Beckwith, R Boissy, L LeBlanc, M Babinault, J Vavasour, N Robidoux, Prof. Ringuette, L Belliveau, Joseph Bourke, John B LeBlanc, N A Landry, A Ringuette, M Legere, V Legere, Jude Cormier, A D Richard, Rev P B Bourgeois. Gloucester Country V A Landry, Rev S G Doucette, Rev S R Doucette, Rev C Amour, A W Chapman. P E Island Formier Pierceault, Xavier Goclaut, Paul Thibodeau, Lorang Gallant, Hon J O Arseneau, U C Trudele Hon S F Perry, H N Gallant, Gilbert DeRoche, A McKay, F Surette, Anselme Girouard, F Girouard, T H Allain, Max Babineau. The North Shore Railway train was over two hours late last night in arriving and brought to town over 500 visitors from the States and elsewhere. Several thousand strangers are in town. The Chronicle this morning says: Everything seems to promise well for a great celebration to-morrow. Our French Canadian friends are making every preparation in their power to make the fete one of the grandest affairs which have ever taken place in our province. Already the city is being rapidly filled with visitors, and the trains and steamboats are arriving with fresh reinforcements by almost every route. The spectacle will, doubtless, be very fine and likely to live for all time, in the memory of every who witnesses it. Special this Morning, Quebec, June 24. The City is thronged with strangers, and more are arriving hourly by train and steamers. The streets are elaborately decorated with bunting and maple branches, and are filled with the gathering societies. The procession starts in an hour from the Plains of Abraham, where twenty thousand people are now gathered.