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McAlpine’s agents are in this county and in Carleton getting up a directory. The pipe and drum band furnished the music at the rink on Saturday morning. A soldier named Nason, died at the Baracks last night, of measles, it is said. The Hochelaga Club gave a concert and had a supper at the Springhill Hotel last evening. The University Students had a supper and a general good time at the public hall at Oromocto last night. A bazaar and concert will be held in the Church Hall, at St. Mary’s, on Wednesday, 20th inst. Mr. Mcfarlane, of St. Mary’s, has his men at work getting out peevy handles for the spring trade. The anniversary meeting of the Church of England Temperance Society last Wednesday evening was well attended. The soldier arrested for drunkenness last week, was handed over to the military authorities to deal with. The annual session of the Grand Orange Lodge will commence in this city on the second Tuesday of next month. The concert and oyster supper by the Hochelaga Club at Springhill Hotel on Tuesday evening week was a very enjoyable affair. Harmon, the runner, formerly of St. Stephen, was defeated by Kittleman in a 100 yards race at San Francisco on Monday week. Stakes, $3,000 a side. Messrs. Neill, Rutter and E.H. Allen, who represented the Fredericton Curling Club at the Montreal Carnival returned home this morning. Mr. Fitzgerald, of New York, and Miss Mary McNanly, of this city, were united in marriage at St. Dunstan’s Church this morning. The steamer “Fawn” about which so much has been said lately, has been successfully raised, and the work of repairing her is now going on. The French Catholic College at St. Bruno Madawaska, will be completed next summer, it is expected. The next annual convention of the French Canadians of Maine will be held at this college. The Indian who was locked up last week for chasing a squaw across the river in her “stocking feet” after he had badly beaten her, and who escaped for the lock-up, has since been arrested. He was fined $10. The Annual Meeting of the Auxiliary Bible Society in the City Hall last evening was well attended. His Worship Mayor Fenety occupied the chair. Interesting addresses were delivered by members of the society, and excellent music was furnished by the choir. Mr. J. Henry Phair has been appointed a license commissioner for this county under the Dominion License Act. Mr. G. A Perley, of Blissville, the same for Sunbury Co; Mr. Leo. F. Wornen, of Wickham, for Queens, Mr. John Ferguson, of Newcastle, for Northumberland; Mr. T.S. Desbrisay, for Gloucester: and Mr. Wm. Murray, for Restigouche. At the recent examination of the Worcester Institute of Technology, Allan C Risteen stood first in scholarship in a class of over thirty competitors. This is distinction, says a Boston paper, of which the young man may ever feel proud. Allan is the son of John C. Risteen, a native and formerly citizen of Fredericton, now Superintendent of the Salisbury woollen mills. – Saint John News.