History of the Loyalists

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History of the Loyalists
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History of the Loyalists With the beginning of the New Year the Telegraph will commence the publication in The Daily and Weekly Telegraph of a series of papers on the Loyalists from the pen of Mr. James Hannay, the Historian of Acadia, who is a member of the Telegraph staff. This History of the Loyalists will be the most important work ever issued from the Press of the Maritime Provinces and will embrace not only a history of the causes which led to the Revolutionary War and the services of the Loyalists in that contest, but an account of the different settlements in this province by the Loyalists in 1783, and afterwards. Included in it will be interesting details of the family history of individual Loyalists, and the names of all the original Loyalist settlers of this Province so far as they can be ascertained. All who are interested in this theme are invited to co-operate with The Telegraph in this Great Work which will fill a long felt void in the History of this Country, and must prove of the greatest value to all the descendants of the Loyalists. Those of our readers who can furnish details of the services of their Loyalist ancestors or can supply Family Papers throwing light on the early settlements will greatly oblige the Telegraph by forwarding such papers as may be in their possession or copies of them. Address: THE TELEGRAPH, SAINT JOHN. N. B.