Acadians in Kent: What is Said in Defence of Dr. Legere's Compatriots

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Acadians in Kent: What is Said in Defence of Dr. Legere's Compatriots
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ACADIANS IN KENT. WHAT IS SAID IN DEFENCE OF DR. LEGERE’S COMPATRIOTS. EDITOR TRANSCRIPT, Mr. “More Anon” in your issue of the 14th inst. finds fault with J. C. Chapais’ lecturing on “dairy topics” in the French districts of Westmorland and Kent and would attribute the same to the fact that Dr. Legere is the M. P. elect for Kent. Dr. Legere ran the election as a Frenchman that “in the French Parishes the Acadians were told to vote for their blood; and suiting the action to the world the arm was laid bare and the veins were pointed to, to emphasize the words of the canvasser. Now sir, since over fifteen years I have taken part in political campaigns in this county and have never heard the above or any equivalent words used in a canvass was not even immediately after the French candidate’s election was stolen by “little McLeod tickets and “little Curlet” tickets when the provocation was such as to have justified such a canvass. But, Mr. “More Anon” wherein are you the English speaking electors of Kent more liberal, mere just, less clannish than the French electors? You say: “in district no 20 comprising Kingston (south) Jardineville, and the Galloway’s, where Dr. Legere received two votes out of one hundred and sixty one; in the Parish of Weldford which gave Dr. Legere twenty-eight votes out of seven hundred and ninety three.” How is it that the successful candidate received such a small vote in these solid English districts? Had not “blood” a wee little to do with it? Now be fair and give me an honest yes or no. The English candidates received a good vote in every one of the French parishes much larger than Dr. Legere received in the English parishes and now I would advise you Mr. “More Anon” to teach your English speaking friends in Kent to forget that they are now a part of the great Canadian Dominion before you think of animadverting the French people on what they do and what they should not do – and “More Anon” continues “comment is unnecessary.” The foregoing facts go to prove that the position of the Kent county electorate who did not view matters in an Acadian light are to be ignored, not only in the distribution of offices, but in matters pertaining to the welfare and enlightenment of the sturdy farmer. Now, it is hard to say what Dr. Legere is going to do in the distribution of the patronage in the county. By his card he promises to do justice regardless of nationality or creed. Let us look at this from a retrospective point of view since the future is not ours and we could at best only make conjectures with regard to what is going to take place. On the other hand the past teaches those who keep their eyes open wholesome and truthful experience. This experience, this history of the past teaches us that, during the time that the Weldons, Desbrisays, McPhelins, Cutlers and McLeods were respectively M.P.P’s and M.P.P’s not a Frenchman held an office in Kent either under the Local or Federal government; although then as now the French people were the large majority in the county. The Acadians of Kent may or may not in voting bring to their mines these reminiscences of the past. Under Girouard and Landry the English speaking people held offices and places of emolument in Kent and at Ottawa in pretty large numbers. How do these facts suit you Mr. “More Anon”? And now, in conclusion, I beg to say that the French Acadian people are just as just, just as Liberal, just as honest, just as industrious, just as intelligent, as their neighbours the English speaking people and the sooner “More Anon” and his friends become aware of it the better for their peace of mind. ACADIAN Kent. Co. Aug. 16th, 1890.