The Northumberland Contest

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The Northumberland Contest
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THE NORTHUMBERLAND CONTEST NEWCASTLE, Jan 11 – [Special] – The contest is waxing hot. The inveterate John Morrisey is meeting with unprecedented success on his causes, downing the Tweedie combination everywhere. It is conceded he will carry his entire government ticket. Bu [illegible letter] chill’s jumping the fence has disgusted his former supporters and wagers are being offered that he will be at the foot of the poll Editor D G Smith’s stock has advanced 200 percent since his action at the convention. THURSDAY AFTERNOON SESSION. Coun. Lowerison read a a petition praying that cattle be prohibited from running large on certain roads in Sackville Parish, Passed. Moved by Coun. Fowler and seconded that the goal committee do not spend a sum exceeding $12,000 in the building and furnishing of said goal. Coun. Russel thought the resolution unnecessary. It was deferred for consideration later on. Coun. Russel wanted information with reference to the returns from justices and magistrates throughout the county. He said it appeared that Justice Cahill of Sackville had received $105,000 in Scout act fines &c and none of it had been paid into the treasury. That while Justice W. B. Deacon of Shediac had collected $300. He had paid it to Inspector McCully who had no authority to receive it. Such arrangements should be repudiated by the council as improper and [illegible letters] unbusnnesshke [illegible letters]. Magistrates should be notified that the money had not been received, and called upon to supply the deficiency. Warden Ogden explained that Mr. Cahill had paid some of his fines to Inspector McCully and had kept the balance to offset an account which he had against the Council. Moved by Coun. Russel and seconded , that Mr. Cahill be summoned to appear before the council on Friday and explain his conduct in this behalf, and, in case of default that he be proceeded against by the Secretary. Moved by Coun. Hennesey and seconded , that the Secretary proceeded against Patrick [illegible], as defaulting road surveyor district No. 4 Parish of Moncton: Carried. The returns of the highway and bye road commissioners from the different parishes were received and filed. The following poor rates were passed: Dorchester, French, $700, English, $787 -05; Shediac, French $500, English , $297 83; Sackville , 944 11; Moncton, English (parish) $796 41. French (parish) $356.25; Westmorland, $261 66; Botsford, 430 14; Salisbury, $729 29. Ordered that $8 be paid to Josiah Woods Esq, on road account. Mr. Trueman, of Sackville, on behalf of Mr. Josiah Wood, asked for an order that $50 which had been ordered to be paid to Joh Allen be paid to Mr. Wood, in whom the right to the money had veated. After some discussion it was ordered that the money be paid to Mr. Wood on his giving a bond of indemnity to the council. Coun. Copp road a communication from William Prescott, bye-road commissioner of Baie-Verte, claiming that some costs due him had not been paid. As there were no official returns in this matter it was deferred. Coun .Hebert moved that there be demanded from John Riley, the only surviving member of a committee appointed some years ago to take charge of public lands in the parish of Botsford, a sworn statement of the monies received and disbursed by the committee from the tome of its appointment to the present. The motion was seconded by Coun. Reyworth and carried, and the secretary directed to send Mr. Riley notice that such account would be required of him. Sec’y Oulton read a resolution of the commissioner of sewers, Sackville, carving the boundaries of the “great marsh” in Sackville parish. The resolution was carried. Coun. Hennessey moved an assessment of $117 on the Parish of Moncton for new roads opened up in 1889. Carried. Ordered that the surplus money paid into the treasury by the Parishes of Westmorland, Sackville and Botsford be repaid to the overseers of those parishes to be extended in the relief of the poor. On motion of Coun. Fowler the list of Parish Officers for the Parish of Salisbury was read and approved. Ordered that all surplus monies in the hands of the ward treasurer, Sackville Parish, be paid to the ward commissioners. On motion the council adjourned till 9 o’clock on Friday.