The Acadian National Fête

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The Acadian National Fête
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THE ACADIAN NATIONAL FETE Speechmaking, Sports and Religious Services at Petit Rocher. Petit Rocher, Aug. 17. – [Special] – Wednesday was the Acadian National Fete, and was celebrated with great pomp at Petit Rocher, the richest parish of Gloucester County. A very large number of persons were present. The proceedings opened by solemn high mass at 9:30, after which came the amusements, speechmaking, etc. The sports were greatly enjoyed. The consisted of jumping, running, and putting the shot, and a large crowd took part in them. At 3’oclock the speeches began. The first orator was Mr. N.A. Landry, B.A., editor of the Bathurst Courrier, who entertained the large audience in an able and eloquent manner for upwards of an hour. He was followed by Rev. J. R. Doucet, who spoke briefly on the progress of the Acadians. The speechmaking was greatly enhanced by the presence of Hon. P. A. Landry, member for Kent, who, upon being called upon, proceeded to follow the progress made by the Acadians in the Maritime Provinces since confederation, and to trace out a course which should be followed by them in order that they may compete with the other nationalities surrounding them. His speech occupied about one hour, and was bristling with sound argument and advice, and was well suited to the occasion, as evidenced by the frequent and enthusiastic applause. He was followed by Mr. P. J. Veniot, who spoke briefly upon the progress of the Acadians and their future. Next came Mr. K. F. Burns, member for the country, who spoke in English for about five minutes, congratulating the people upon the success of the Fete. Mr. F. J. McManus then spoke briefly, which concluded the speechmaking. At 6P.M. the immense crowed repaired to the Parish Church where solemn benediction was pronounced. At the morning service, Rev J. R. Doucet, of Grand Anse, preached a sermon suitable to the occasion. It was a very able and eloquent address, causing tears to flow from the eyes of many present. At 7P.M. an address was read to Hon. P. A. Landry by Dr. Comeau, on behalf of the inhabitants of Petit Rocher, thanking him for his visit and the interest he took in the Acadian race throughout the Provinces. Mr. Landry replied briefly, after which three rousing cheers were given for the Queen, Hon. P.A. Landry and Father Robert, and the assembly dispersed. A committee has been named who have in hand the making of arrangements for celebrating the National Fete next year by a convention of all the parishes in the county.