Expulsion of the Acadians

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Expulsion of the Acadians
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EXPULSION OF THE ACADIANS. – On one point we differ from the writer of the letter signed “Kent” – the expulsion of the Acadians. We do not think that it has been clearly proved that they refused unconditionally to take the oath of allegiance, and so far as our knowledge of the history of that period extends we are not aware that any satisfactory evidence has been produced to show that they were dangerous to the peace of the colony. Whatever might be the feeling at a time when Nova Scotia was practically under military rule, looking at the expulsion of the Acadians in the light of the Nineteenth Century, we feel strongly that the transaction was a cruel one, and especially cruel in the manner in which the expulsion was accomplished. At the same time, we do not see that any good is to be attained by reviving unhappy memories of an event which happened so long ago. It is better to remember that whatever suspicions may have been entertained of the French Acadians by the rulers of Nova Scotia at that time, they are to-day as loyal and dedicated subjects of Queen Victoria as are to be found in the Dominion.