Just to Kent co.

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Just to Kent co.
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JUST TO KENT CO. MESSRS. BLAIR AND TARTE FAIR TO THE ACADIAN PEOPLE. The Richibucto Review says: “We would inform that paper that the Hon. Mr. Tarte came to Kent in connection with the handsome vote passed in the House for harbour improvements in this County, landed at Richibucto and inspected the works, after which he proceeded to Point du Chene, and took the trouble to drive from Point du Chene to Cocagne to inspect the wharf there for the repairs of which a grant had been made. The statements made by the Sun’s silly correspondent in regard to the harbor improvements are about as true as the rest of the nonsensical rubbish sent by the same party. Over a week ago the government engineers, Messrs. Shewen and Day came to Richibucto and started on the survey of the Harbour, employing four of our own people, two being Acadians. During the time of Conservative rule there was no use for an Acadian citizen to apply for employment in any department of the federal government, but we in Kent are glad to know that things have changed in this respect, and that the great Liberal party is determined to do justice to our Acadian people. The attempt to prejudice our Acadian population against Mr. Blair is silly in the face of the fact that Mr. Blair, while leader of the Local Government, appointed an Acadian to the best office in this County, namely that of high sheriff, not to speak of the many other kindnesses shown by him to the French speaking people of Kent. But one French speaking government employee has been removed by the Liberal party from office, and in that case an Acadian was appointed in his place.”